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ENECEDETE is a cultural association that operates in the cultural and social field made up of artists and cultural operators with important years of experience in the sector at a national and international level. From art, the search for social solidarity purposes through participation in events in collaboration with associations of emigrants from various Italian regions abroad (Emilia Romagna Region, Puglia Region, Lazio Region, Marche Region, Calabria Region); activities in the sector with particular reference to the organisation, consultancy and production of cultural events. It organizes events and demonstrations, competitions and conferences, debates, national and international exchanges, promotes artistic education in schools and promotes initiatives deemed suitable for achieving the social purpose. The Association is apolitical, non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit.


In recent years it has developed activities in the documentary sector, presentation at EXPO 2015, the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini in collaboration with the General Directorate of Libraries and Cultural Institutes and Copyright of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

In the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) he presented and curated at the CCK (Centro Cultural Kirchner) the photographic exhibition "WRITING WITH THE LIGHT" of the "Oscar winner" Vittorio Storaro and the photographic exhibition of Alberto Sordi "ALBERTO SORDI A LIFE IN THE CINEMA ".

In 2022 he presented and curated the exhibition "PASOLINI 100 years" and in 2023 the exhibition "IL CINEMA DI LILIANA CAVANI".


Since 2016, it has carried out a series of activities for the creation and development of a multidisciplinary project for the dissemination of the performing arts in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy with the aim of impacting the persistent levels of school and training dropouts that characterize the regional territory and which enriches and strengthens the proposals promoted by the MIUR aimed at primary, secondary and high schools.


The legal and fiscal headquarters of the Association is located in Rome in the VII Municipality with a branch in the city of Grottaglie (Taranto) and has extensive audiovisual technical equipment that allows it to develop its own projects and events.

He produced and created the live streaming concert from Rome "ASTOR PIAZZOLLA 100 years" broadcast by the Casa Argentina cultural section of the Argentine Embassy in Italy. He is currently organizing the presentation of VITTORIO STORARO's exhibition "La Civiltà Romana" at the Roman gallery "La Nuova Pesa" on the occasion of the artist's eighth birthday.


Via del Porto Fluviale 69

(00154) Roma, Italia

Via Cesare Battista 40 

(74230) Grottaglie (TA), Italia




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