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Ten photos on the city of Rome, exhibited for the first time in Italy and made in double exposure within the same frame, give life to a unique visual project, a journey into the memory of time.

Curated by Nestor Said and Giovanni Storaro, the exhibition is a continuous cultural discovery of what the Roman civilization, and all those that followed and preceded it, have left to history.

The images, inspired by the thought of a light, by the imagination of color, by the intuition of an element, are the Photo-graphic expression within Vittorio Storaro's Roman Civilization.

The project has three sections:

  • The memory, the waters, the afterlife, the defense, the emperors, based on the theme of LIGHT around whose nucleus the relationship between Moon and Sun, Darkness and Unconscious, rotates;

  • The triumphs, the empresses, the divinities, the edifications, the nature, based on the theme of COLOURS. around whose nucleus the relationship between

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